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Getting to know NaYa Finance

NaYa Finance is a FinTech that brings the Nigerian capital markets closer to investors through:

Aggregation and distribution of financial data using simple and modern protocols (widgets & API).

The promotion of data-driven investment intelligence, analysis and guidance.

The delivery of high quality research tools and resources online as affordable alternatives to high priced incumbent providers (Bloomberg, Reuters etc.).

The digitization of the entire securities trading and investment management value-chain from online investment account opening to real-time online order management and execution to robo-advisory for proactive online/offline portfolio monitoring and management supported by a network of SEC licensed investment management partners (Stockbrokers & Asset Managers).

Investment community support and development via education & learning, news & blogs, 100% FREE access to market data and company financials online.

NaYa Finance is not a financial institution and as such does not solicit for nor manage cash deposits. However, NaYa Finance works with financial institutions (banks & investment managers) as partners and may facilitate the movement of cash between investors and these partners for the purposes of investing.

For example, NaYa Finance Invest-Go subscribers can fund their investment accounts online with NaYa Finance Pay using their bank cards or bank-to-bank transfer feature.

It is important to note that NaYa Finance Pay simply provides the technology that facilitates this transaction and does not at any point have access to the cash in any way shape or form.

NO, NaYa Finance is not a licensed stockbroker, asset or fund manager and as such does not operate/manage any investment schemes or funds. However, NaYa Finance presents investors with digitized investment management interfaces that is supported by a network of licensed investment managers.

For example, NaYa Finance Invest-Go subscribers can link and operate (trade) their stock accounts (with partner stockbrokers) from NaYa Finance. The investor gets the advantage of the NaYa Finance hyper-graphic user experience with advanced decision support tools plus real-time online order management system.

However, NaYa Finance does not actually manage or execute the transactions on the investor’s assets. NaYa Finance is simply a messenger, delivering the investors instructions to the stockbroker and vice-versa in real-time via application programming interfaces.

NaYa Finance Wealth Management is a 100% data-driven online financial advisor that uses technology as a guide to investing, so that anyone can be a successful investor from day one no matter your experience level or net-worth.

The NaYa Finance Wealth Manager is a robo-advisor armed with a collection of tools that present digitized interfaces across the entire stock investing process making it drop-dead easy for investors of any level (especially beginners) to start and manage a stock portfolio 100% online.

When you subscribe to the NaYa Finance Wealth Manager, you never have to visit or call your stockbrokers ever again…you can now do everything online or from your phone!

The Wealth Manager helps investors open a new stockbroking account online with a network of SEC licensed stockbrokers. Fill the application form online, click the send button and wait a few hours for the email that tells you how to access your new account. No paper, no phone calls and visits to the
stockbroker’s offices.

The Wealth Manager through NaYa Finance Pay offers investors the ability to fund investment accounts online using both local and foreign currency denominated debit/credit cards or bank-to-bank transfers. Value transfer is instant and you can use the money to invest immediately.

The Wealth Manager captures the investor’s goals and advises on what stocks should be included in the portfolio based on the stated investment goals. You always know which stocks can deliver your investment goals.

The Wealth Manager features robust portfolio management online delivering a 360 degree view (through NaYa Finance Analytics) of the investment portfolio on-demand, including real-time stock positions and valuation, real-time cash positions, detailed stock analysis (market trend, short & medium term outlook, 5 year normalized financials, 5 year dividend history, Fair Value, Book Value etc.) and portfolio planning tools. You always know what your assets are and why you are invested in them.

The Wealth Manager monitors the investment portfolio offline with email alerts for important changes that may impact investment decisions including financial health of stocks, corporate disclosures & actions, price triggers, stock recommendations and more. You know when to take action.

The Wealth Manager through NaYa Finance Invest-Go offers investors the ability to buy and sell stocks real-time online or from mobile devices. Invest/Trade Stocks-on-the-go.

The Wealth Manager through NaYa Finance Analytics provides real-time stock quotes, market data & corporation disclosures feeds online. You no longer have to wait till the market closes to get prices…you can actually take the market with you wherever you are and monitor stock prices in real-time.

The Wealth Manager is available as a flat monthly subscriptions of ₦2,000 or ₦5,000 (for Pro – *Day Trader activated) with no other fees.

*NaYa Finance Day Trader – offers live direct market access with level II market data feeds. You get the entire order book.

NO. NaYa Finance Wealth Manager uses technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. However, it does not execute the actual investments for the investor.

The investor retains full control of execution (the buying and selling of stocks) and can pick and choose which recommendations to execute or even choose not to execute at all.

NaYa Finance Wealth Manager is a great tool for self-directed-investors whether new/beginner or experienced.

Wealth Management

Data Analytics

NaYa Finance Analytics is a modern work-space designed to reduce research and analysis busy-work, so that investment analysts and managers can focus on identifying good investment opportunities.

Put technology and algorithms to work for you. NaYa Finance Analytics automates tedious data (market data and company financials) collection, aggregation and general analysis (fundamental & technical) tasks so that you don’t have to.

NaYa Finance Analytics offers a suite of pre-built & pre-tested models for stocks valuation, stocks ranking, dividend forecasting, market trend location, short & medium term outlook and much more.

NaYa Finance Analytics maintains a library of pre-built & tested “Guru” Investment (Stock Picking) Strategies adapted to the Nigerian stock market.

The NaYa Finance Analytics subscription provides access to high-value research and analysis tools online. Use the NaYa Finance Analytics online Stock Screener & Algo Developer Studio to generate, test and use your own investing ideas quickly or maybe just draw up a shortlist of stocks to look into in detail right from your web browser.

Connect your financial applications or algorithms to data quickly and affordably. NaYa Finance Analytics offers a simple data distribution platform that supports modern web protocols including widgets, CSV, Restful JSON Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Research Analysts, Traders, Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Stockbrokers & Institutional Investors looking for great value at a bargain.

NO, you do not. The NaYa Finance Data Hub offers time-series market data and company financials
100% FREE

The NaYa Finance Community project promotes a financial markets eco-system through shared infrastructure for data distribution, investor development & digital marketing frameworks.

The Community project allows us to fix the things that were a problem for us during the course of building the NaYa Finance platform and make the solution available to everyone for small to no cost or as part of a partnership.

100% FREE access to market data and company financials online through the NaYa Finance Data Hub.

Buy & sell stocks on-the-go for FREE with NaYa Finance Invest-Go

Learn from the best and get valuable market intelligence with your FREE access to the NaYa Finance Blog


If you still have questions please contact us directly, we’d love to help

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