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We Are NaYa Finance

NaYa Finance is a quantitative analytics engine borne from the collaboration between visionaries of information technology and data science to make intelligent data. The NaYa Finance engine delivers intelligence, recommendations & decision support based strictly on financial and technical data analysis.

The project is powered by the NaYa Finance engine to simplify access to intelligent data and make it affordable to all levels of analysts, traders and investors. focuses solely on the Nigerian stock market and delivers on its accessibility and affordability goals because it abstracts the heavy-lifting (data management, data analysis, and advanced tools development) plus it is built with cutting edge web technologies to leverage/extend economies of scale. Everything (data, intelligence and tools) is delivered to your web browser either for FREE or a low monthly subscription.

Nayafinance scope
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e-Trade Partners

We are not stockbrokers. However, we do understand the importance of being able to execute your investment or trade decision quickly to lock in opportunities for profit as you find them. Hence, we have partnered with stockbrokers to bring real-time order management and execution to your subscription.

Simply link (one-time only per portfolio) your e-Trade account with any of our partner brokers to your subscription and you can manage and trade that portfolio right from your login. You can link multiple portfolios across multiple partners and manage them all from one place. It’s simple, fast and safe!


Execute and manage all your portfolios from this one place when you have an
online account with our partner stockbrokers.