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Digital Transformation of Africa’s Capital Markets

NaYa Finance is a venture founded with the primary objective of using innovative technology for the digital transformation of Africa’s capital markets.

As part of our process, we identify key digital infrastructure gaps, advocate for digital-friendly regulation and innovate to transform.

We strive to develop capital market technology solutions in collaboration with as many stakeholders or “like minds” as we can find, including regulators, government, capital market operators, news media organizations, financial institutions, other technology providers and subject matter experts.


Obiora Anyichie

Obiora Anyichie

Taiwo Megbope

Taiwo Megbope


Hydra - Open Capital Market FinTech Platform-as-a-service

Open Digital Capital Market Infrastructure

Hydra is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology that allows both incumbent financial institutions and FinTech companies to develop, run, and manage investment and trading products and services without the complexity and cost of building critical infrastructure first.

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Investor Hangout - Nigeria’s #1 Capital Market Investment Hub

Nigeria’s #1 Capital Market Investment Hub

The Investor Hangout (The Hangout) is a natural habitat for millennial investors, traders and analysts who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the capital market for building and sustaining wealth. Great source of market information and data plus 100% digital investing and trading experience.

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