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For Business

For Business

Built for Business from Day One

NaYa Finance’s digital analytics technology accelerates time to market for equities based FinTech developers as well as Institutional investors
in a cost-effective and scalable way. Our platform is built on an open architecture that’s designed to integrate easily into your platform.


How NaYa Finance Works For
Fintech Developers

Get your robo-advisor or wealth manager apps to the market in record
time and at a fraction of the cost when you build on the NaYa Finance
FinTech Framework.

  • Digital advice in the form of algorithmic asset allocation and
    management accessible via API.
  • Get a quick start with production-ready strategies or use our
    interactive online strategy development studio to create and test
    your own decision support models.
Naya Fintech platform

How NaYa Finance Works for Institutional Investors

Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers, Stockbrokers, HNIs

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Algo strategy

Algorithmic Strategy
Development Studio

robo trader


Don’t have an in-house research desk? Get your own multi-user accessible research web portal. Fully white-labelled with your business logo and colors plus your own unique web address. 100% investment data managed services, plus built-in analysis models and the tools you need to build more.

Quickly create, test (back-test up to 4 years) and share a library of your own trading models with a few button clicks online.

You’ve created your algorithm, you’ve back-tested it and even monitored its actual performance profile for a while and everything looks great. What’ next? Turn that algorithm to profit by configuring your portfolio for robo-trading with your algorithm as the trigger.